2016 - It’s 1:00 AM, I got out of bed because I can’t sleep. 

I’m reviewing (for the 4th time) a contract that I had hoped would be the big break we’d been waiting for. 

For the past two years I’d been creating and producing The Science of Success with my business partner Matt. 

Staring at a contract offer from one of the biggest networks in podcasting I couldn’t help but think of the work we’d put in. Countless hours of research, marketing, and guest outreach. Hundreds of interviews and articles.

Mental sweat and tears. 

We’d have some success and had obviously caught the attention of some of the right people. We had hit new and noteworthy, been featured in some high volume publications, and had nestled into the top 10 social sciences podcasts on iTunes with around 100,000 monthly downloads. 

I’d hoped this would be our big break. Sadly, as my tired eyes reviewed the contract, I wasn’t so sure. While there were some potential upsides to joining a large network, (distribution, outsourcing ad sales, having their name on the corner of our logo) I just couldn’t get past some of the main points in the contract. 

In return for the stated perks, (none of which were guaranteed) they were now entitled to tell us how many ads we had to sell, where to place them, the companies and products we could work with, and were entitled to 30% of our revenue regardless of where it came from. 

Rubbing my eyes I decided to try to get back to sleep. I had some time to consider the offer and it would be there in the morning. 

The next day I got on the phone with the CEO of the network. As we went through the contract I expressed some of my concerns.

“How is anyone supposed to make any money podcasting if they have to relinquish this much control, split their revenue, and flood their content with ads?”

Growing increasingly frustrated with my questioning, he proceeded to tell me what he called the “Dirty Secret” of podcasting.

Look, let me tell you how it is. No one really makes money podcasting. Unless you’re a Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, or affiliated with NPR or something you don’t make any money at all.

The only people who DO make money are the people like me. Selling advertising is really the only place the money is. Taking a cut of hundreds of shows really adds up over time but as an individual podcaster, cmon, you’re never going to make enough money to write home about.”

I was shocked at his directness and the conviction with which he had made the statement.

I completely reject this idea.

While I didn’t like what it was hearing, it did something to me. It lit a fire inside me to prove him wrong. Over the past year leading up to this I have spent hundreds of hours talking to other independent podcaster sharing some of our best practices and hearing story after story of failed monetization attempts.

I made it my mission to find new roads, draw new connections and connect the right dots to understand how to not only make a decent paycheck but to thrive and grow as an independent podcaster.

Flash forward to present day and our show has reached a quarter million downloads a month and has been featured in major publications.

Not only that, but we’ve found ways to break the traditional monetization mold, capitalize on the real worth of our audience, retain complete control over our show and our content, and have a blast doing something we love while making more money than we thought was possible as a podcaster.

I’ve spent years and hundreds of hours learning the rules of monetizing a podcast. Now I’m going to teach you and others like you how to make money breaking them.

Not only will we teach you how to navigate the waters of finding and negotiating with sponsors. We’ll ensure you make the money your audience is actually worth! On top of that we customize a plan that fits your audience’s interest and size to find even more innovative and lucrative ways for you to make money with your show.

All without ever forcing anything on you and always focusing on value to your audience. All without any long term contracts. We don’t make a dime until you do!

We know the frustration. We know the struggle. We’ve been where you are.

I’m proof that you don’t have to sell out. you don’t have to give up control.

You can make the money you deserve.

When you’re ready to join me and unleash the personal success you deserve from what you’ve created, let’s get in touch.

Austin Fabel