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Over the course of the past five years we’ve been honing the PERFECT way to ask guests to appear on your podcast, blog, or channel. We utilize the science of influence and persuasion in every paragraph to maximize our impact and frame our ask in the right way.

A great guest can be a complete game changer for your content. However, a great guest is often a busy guest. You may be thinking, oh there’s no way I’d be able to book them for my show. Stop me if you’ve thought any of these before…

  • They’re way too busy!

  • My show/blog/channel is way to small for them to care!

  • Asking someone this famous will just embarrass me.

  • It’s just going to end up being deleted.

  • This contact form box leads into a black hole and they’ll never see it.

  • I can’t seem to find an email for this person, oh well.

  • My show is growing but I just don’t know how to cut through the inbox overload.

  • I don’t want to bug them.

  • I’m not important enough.

All of these are thoughts I’ve had before while reaching out to guests. It’s normal, but that doesn’t make it any less depressing or painful. Luckily we’re going to get you past all of that and give you the tools you need to book any guest, starting today.

In our latest course, we share how to use brain science to frame your show in the best light and maximize your chances of booking that game changing guest!

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