Here, We Actually Make YOU Money

The “dirty secret” of podcasting is that unless you’re a Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan, as an independent podcaster, you don’t make much money… traditionally.

Sure, you can sign up with a network. But then you lose control over your show, your message, and get cornered in to making your show overloaded with ads and content regulations. You could spend money on advertising. But then you run the risk of losing money and ended up farther away from your goal than you were when you started.

No more! That’s where we come in!

Here’s How It Works

Let’s Talk

We want to get to know you. Let’s sit down, analyze where you are. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What are your goals and what can we do to help you achieve them.


Once we’ve put our heads together we’re going to put together your battle plan. Analyzing your assets, content style, and voice allows us to pinpoint the monetization strategies that are most likely to give you maximum revenue for the hard work you’ve put in.


Like we said, you’re in control. Once we’ve presented you with your personalized monetization plan you let us know where you want to go. Which strategies peak your interest and best align with your audience. You decide, we execute.


Once you’re ready, we take it from there. We execute each piece of of your monetization strategy. You just sit back and keep on producing that great content we know and love from your show!

Got it? Let’s do it!